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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  January 11, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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pat? >> jim, they had no extra clothes, no extra money, no way to get around. three teenage girls missing now for more than five days. is this a case of runaways? or is it something else? the father of one of the girls thinks it may be linked to some gang activity. >> and you think some gang members are holding her? >> yeah. >> if you could talk to those gang members now, what would you tell them? >> i would tell them, i have many people who tep hp if they want money, whatever they want. >> reporter: the parents of three young missing teenage girls missing now for more than five days. the parents concerned about their children safety. the mother of 14-year-old jocelyn. >> she come in the house, i will
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miss you. please, jocelyn, come back. >> the mother of natalie flores. >> natalie, more my daughter and the daughter and mom my natalie. best friend for natalie. >> reporter: the father for 13-year-old allison. >> and the people have my daughter, don't hurt her. don't do anything to her. >> this whole thing happened last wednesday at the smarts middle school in lesberg. shortly before 8:00 a.m., security cameras show girls standing outside the middle school, but they don't go inside the school. sometime after that, strange phone calls to the school said the girls were sick and wouldn't be in that day. that was wednesday.
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thursday, friday, saturday, sunday and now today. but now, no signs of teenage girls. >> police say this is a runaway case was they're looking at everything. >> now, if you've seen the teenage girl, police want to hear from you. call the leesburg crime line at 702-443-tips. we'll hear from the police coming up at 6:00. jim, back to you. >> all right, pat, we'll check back then. thank you, p. a man is in custody after he allegedly exposed himself in a local walmart. a child said he exposed himself to her while they were inside the store. cox is charged with indecent exposure ais currently held
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without bond. a dramatic scene unfolding today after there was word that a gunman was walking around inside spingarn high school in d.c. what happened, jane? >> it all started around 11:00 this morning when there appeared to be a security breach at the school. now police are reviewing videotapes and they're taking a top to bottom look at the school's metal detectors. a show of force at spingarn after a security officer spotted a man with a gun near the second-story stairwell. >> she observed the subject as a black light skinned male with what protruding from miss pocket. she recognized the individual -- she did not recognize the individual to have gone to the school.
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>> students say they hadn't a lou as to what was going on. >> they had to do what the principal told us to do. >> they had the dogs come in. they saw the lockers for weapons or anything. >> but frantic parents knew something was wrong. many raced to the school from their jobs. >> it killed me. i own a glass company. none of that means nothing, you know. it's just the safety of the kids. that's with any kid, anybody's kid. >> after 14 hours of searching, the all clear was given. student wrc sent back to class. district school officials say the lock down and evacuation were necessary for this rare situation.
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>> it's very unusual. there's no evidence yet that the person had the weapon, but at the same time, you have to take all precautions. >> in addition to the lockdown and the evacuation, school officials confirm there was a huge food fight inside the school cafeteria. no arrests were made and there were no terests. >> busy day there. thank you. local investigators tonight are now talking to wizards players about the gilbert arenas gun investigation. three players missed practice today because they met with investigators. co-captain caron butler, brendan haywood and deshawn stevenson had to answer questions about what happened in that locker room. the investigation centered around investigations that arenas and jarvis crittendon for bringing in guns to the locker room. the nba suspended arenas indefinitely, as you know. baseball star mark mcgwire has admitted to to being on
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steroids when he broke baseball's home run record back in 1998. mcgwire hit 70 homers that season with the st. louis cardinals. mcgwire sounded on the verge of taers over the phone, saying he used performance-enhancing drugs on and off during his career. mcgwire said he wanted to come clean now that he's becoming the hitting coach for the cardinals. the bitter cold still has an icy grip on our region tonight. but there's a glimmer of hope for winter warm-up. bob ryan has the latest. bob? >> it will be milder by the middle part of the week. t right now, it's still cold. there are a few snow flurries a little ripple in the atmosphere, one more shot. this is the last real shot of really cold air we're going to have around. you can see frederick county up in northern maryland. look at the lows this morning, 10 in martinsburg. a lot of spots once again with the clear skies, single digits
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around manassas. and again, these temperatures, almost 10 degrees below average. here's what's going with the light snow. snow flurry, there are still winter weather advise phillies the mountains of west virginia. there's a lot of snow on the ground. ozo a few flurries overnight tonight. we're going to be in for a cold tuesday. but i'll tell you about the good news. it will be back to average by the middle part of the week. temperatures may be boef average. it can happen. this is the las real cold shot we'll be seeing for a while. tell you about it. back to you. >> in some cases, trying to stay warm may be hazardous. neighbors say they noticed snoek coming from the house this morning. a resident there was trsported to the who want smoke inhalation. and officials say space heerts, a reminder, should be three feet away from any item side your home. the bitter cold that settle over this region is causing some problems outdoors as well.
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more on what homeowners need to know tonight in order to weather this just for another couple of days. john? >> it is still cold outside. you can see behind me the clock on the bank is 37 degrees. so people right now are bundled up. they're rushing to get home. they're seeing if they can get inside and crank that heat up. but if you haven't taken the right precautions even once you get home, especially this time of year. that winter weather can still wreak havoc on your house. this gorgeous shoem a homeowner's dream come true. but they know they have extra responsibilities around the house. if they slip up, the pipes can get too cold and this is what happens. >> oh. the water comes through the seal krooeling. i have friends that have had it come down through light fixtures, like a big fountain. wherever the water is going to go, from this floor down to the next floor, down to the next floor.
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>> they've called in a professional to check things out. patrick mccall oug says the first thing you should do is crane your pipes. detach the outside hose and see if the water is still running. in karen's case, it is. so what we need to do is go inside. turn the main valve off inside for the outside hose bib. then go back outside, turn the hose bib on, come back inside and open up the bleeder valve. >> back upstarks you want to see if you have pipes against the cold outside wall. a simple solution is just to open the cabinet doors and let the heat in. >> if you don't, it's going to get cold until there and stay cold. and your pipes are going to freeze. most likely when you're sleeping. so you're not going to know it when you wake up in the morning and it's going to be a mess. >> also make sure the house is always heated, even if you go
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away on vacation. leave it at a minimum temperature of 68 degrees. you can think of the consequences if the pipes do burst and you do have water damage, it will cost you thoufs dollars to repair. something you definitely don't want to me around with. wendy? >> thanks so much. >> the cold weather may have played a role in a water main break in mcclean this morning. officials shut down the intersection of garrity and griffinroad. the water pipe break has since been fixed and only 11 cu 1 cuss were affected. dupont circle was flooded after a 20-inch water main broke. d.c. water and sewer officials tell us it happened when a contractor pulled up a manhole here on 17th street northwest. that ruptured the water main
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that was more than 130 years old. drivers should avoid this area until repairs are complete. >> gas prices are quickly heading up to $3 a gallon. the average price of regular gas is up 14 cents, just over a three-week period according to the national lumber survey of fuel prices. the price of regular in the district is averaging $2.8. in maryland, it's $2.72, and in virginia, $2.65. when we come right back on news 4 at 5:00, former governor of alaska sarah palin's got a future in television. >> news 4 at 5:00 is just getting started. >> also coming up, what happened to those long lines of people eager to get the swine flu vaccine? well, now that anyone can get it, is the danger over? plus, majority leader harry reid's racial marks about president obama continue to stir up controversy. he's not the first. we're going to look at the history of racial gaffes. and we'll tell you how to eat the right foods to lose weight.
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some experts say it's all in the siengs. stick around for the details in a special health and fitness
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sometimes waiting overnight so get their hands on the swine flu vaccine. now that vaccine is plentiful and health departments are trying to find people who will even take it. >> they have adopted a new
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slogan. it's not too late to vaccinate to try to get the word out that the swine flu is still circulating and it comes in waves and there could be another one just ahead. >> it only takes a quick glance at this fairfax county vaccination clinic to realize how quickly things have changed. in place of long lines, vaccination restrictions and thousands of shots being administered in weekend clinics, thempty chairs now signal there's no waiting and the swine flu shot is now available to all. fatty french got some hand holding reassurance by her granddaughter. patty got turned away last month but she's back now. >> i tried to come when the little ones got them before christmas but they weren't giving them out at the time. so my daughter called and told me it was available now. so i came over to do it. >> reporter: other families brought children back for a second dose. this dad found quite a different scene from the last time when when he endured a long line with
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his 3-year-old. >> he didn't like getting shots so we wanted to be in and out. >> this woman intentionally waited to satisfy herself that the vaccine wouldn't produce a bad reaction pop it's a new vaccine and people aren't sure what the reactions are going to be or not. so that would help me know what i'm going to suffer from it. >> reporter: health department officials hope they can keep the customers coming now, even though the outbreak of swine flu appears to be waning. they say it could build to another peak. >> flu season normally peaks in february. so you don't want people to sort of have this false sense of security, only for us to have another peak in the next month or so. >> while demand has fallen off somewhat in montgomery county, they are now taking appointments online for clinics at lie bares. health officials expect to give about 45 hirks swine flu shots this month. in the district of columbia, though, a weekend clinic drew
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only 200. health official res mind, swine flu still represents the majority of the flu cases they are seeing and the season is not nearly over. >> if you haven't been sick so far, maybe you're lucky. that doesn't mean you're out of the woods completely, because we still have influenza viruses circulating. >> many pharmacy clinics also now have a swine flu vaccine available. as for the regular seasonal flu vaccine, that's lateal tougher to find. most of the health departments have exhausted their supply of that last fall and won't be getting any more. back to you now. >> julie, thank you. unusually cold weathern the south is causing some big problems across several states tonight. e demand for heat is causing tense of thousands of homes to lose power. temperatures dipped to 37 degrees in miami, breaking more than an 80-year low. orange groves are spraying water on their crops. the layer of ice insulates the oranges, protecting them from further damage. >> a kayaker took on more than
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he could handle on an icy potomac river today. it happened near the river shore area here in southeast prince william county. the man was paddling away when he suddenly became stuck in the ice. a crew came to rescue him but their airboat began taking on water. state police took both kayaker and airboat to shore. no one was hurt. not a good day for that. >> any chance that ice is going to be melting anytime soon? >> a little bit. the ice is still thin and dangerous. you don't go out on a kayak on the ice and you don't walk on the ice either and these are some of the other -- gainesville, florida, 17 degrees. gainesville is heading out ten days in a row where the temperature has been below 32. this morning, key west, 42 degrees was the record low in key west. winter haven, florida, 27 degrees. and miami's all-time high own sunday was only 48 degrees,
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which was the coldest it's been there since 1989. boy, and more records probably and unfortunately more freeze tonight. they'll be spraying the orange grove. a lot of widespread damage to the citrus and some of the vegetable crops through so much of florida. we've got some clouds coming in. our temperatures here this january, oh, how cold it's been. 6 degrees colder than average. but even if this month continues at that pace this january, it wouldn't even be the top ten coldest januarys of all time. the coldest january ever was 5 degrees. 5 degrees colder than this january. look at the temperatures early this morning. we were down once again to 20 degrees, teens up around buffalo. jacksonville, florida, 20 degrees. look at all of the teens. 21 degrees in new orleans this morning. where has it not been so cold? noem, acti gnome, alaska, in december, it
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was almost 7 degrees above average. the high arctic has seen temperatures above average. but look at the wind chill temperatures again. jacksonville, 42 degrees. this will be the last night for the poor folks there and especially the growers in florida with another freeze warning out tonight. overnight tonight, we have this little ripple. that's the last shot of really cold air. by later in the week, and especially thursday, the jet ream does begin to move north. and that will allow a change in the pattern with milder air to come in. right now, there are still some snow flurries, i think for you folks up around frederick on into southern pennsylvania. and as i mentioned earlier, out to the west, there are snow flurries, snow squalls. some sot sths 30 to 40 inches. great news for the skiers, of course. so overnight tonight, there's a little ripple with some clouds, some passing snow flurries. once again, one more reinforcing
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surge of cold air, although not as cold as we've seen it as we get into wednesday and thursday especially, passing snow flurry possible. no snowstorms. next time it does anything, probably late saturday to sunday, could be some rain showers. could be some lingering flur rirks clouds in the morning, then becoming partly sunny in the afternoon. but once again, temperatures below average. only around the mid to low 30s. but then after we get through that and we get one more cold night, thursday and wednesday into the 40s, there's our average high, 42 degrees. we're now into the coldest time on average of the year, which means by late in the week we'll be above average. friday, maybe 48 degrees. maybe some spots near 50. >> nice. >> sweating already. it's the break of the pattern, the change in the pattern. >> finally.
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>> thank you, bob. coming up, a dramatic protest in downtown d.c. find out why some pro-ters want terror suspects in guantanamo bay set free. >> rob blagojevich is back in the headlines. he's apologizing now for comment he is made about president obama.
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three americans were among six nato troops killed today in afghanistan. a u.s. military official says the americans were killed during a fi fight with militants in southern afghanistan. he declined to provide more precise detail because female members are still being notified. military officials have warned that the troop build-up ordered by president obama is likely to lead to more casualties as the fighting intensifies. >> there's an update concerning the suspected gunman in the ft. hood shooting, major nadal hassan. the associated press has received some information in the pentagon view of that shooting. the ap says doctors repeatedly voiced concerns about his strident views of islam. they also noted other inappropriate behavior. and yet they continued to give him positive performance evaluations. hasan is charged with murdering 13 people at ft. hood on november 5. the pentagon review has not been publicly released.
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dozen os human rights activists gathered outside the white house today to protest the continued use of guantanamo bay prison. the u.s. detention facility in cuba. members of the group witnesses against torture called on president obama to make good on his pledge to shut down the prison within a year. the group also said it opposes the practice of holding prisoners without charging them. about half the demonstrators woer jump suits with black hoods over their head. participants also kicked off what they described as a 12-day fast for justice. >> a maryland senator announced 650,000 federal dlashs will be going to thelt care centers throughout the state of maryland. he made that announcement at walker mill health center in capital heights. >> they will be well spent, provide access to care, create some more jobs in our community but will provide a needed service to the people of prince george's county. >> the money, he say, will be used to add an electronic
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patient record system at nine federally qualified health centers. the state received the grand through federal stimulus funds. still ahead, democrat harry reid is on defense tonight after making some racial remarks about president obama. we'll tell you what he said and find out who wants the majority leader to step down. . >> plus, amtrak ocela is giving riders new highpeed access on the rails. >> and we'll tell you about a group of scientists who developed a simple
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welcome back. >> our top story, harry reid under fire tonight for racial comments abo president obama. tonight he's hoping to put the incident behind him. today, harry reid apologized admitting he could have made better choices in his words. chris gordon was out sampling some opinion today. what did you find? >> another nation's capital has long been at the center of some of the most famous firestorms caused by racial comments. in 2002, former senate majority leader trent lott stepped down after saying the country would have been better off if strom thurmond, a segregationist would have been elected president. over the year, the wrong choice of words here in washington has had dire consequences. jimmy "the greek" was fired after making these public comments to nbc 4 at a
5:31 pm
washington restaurant. >> black the black is a better athlete to be begin with because he's been bred to be that way because of his high thighs and big thighs that go up into his back. i'm not a bad guy. why does everybody hate me? >> what's the answer? >> the answer is i said some hateful things. >> doug tract, a deejay better known as a greeceman was fired from his washington, d.c. radio show after making a racially insensitive statement and he didn't work for years until he recently returned to the air waives in jackson, florida. one of the greek man's biggest criticism was madison. he has a radio show on sirius xm whichas a local and national audience. >> in this situation, remember, harry reid supported president barack obama and encouraged him to run. he yus bajust basically said qu
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honestly what a lot of white americans have probably said privately. we unfortunately in this country are still color conscious. black people are color conscious. white people are color conscious. i don't think it was mean spirited. i think it was antiquated, i think it was awkward. i think that this will eventually go away as we focus on more important issues. >> but does the public agree? >> the fact that he felt the need to comment on his lack of negro dialect was just rude and ignorant to me. >> i was happy whe i saw on the news that he apologized. and if i were the president, i would accept the apology, yeah. >> it's widely believed that senator reid will be able to keep his leadership position at a critical time for the president's health care program,
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but reid's re-election chances, even before this incident were being questioned in the face of declining support for the 70-year-old senator in recent polls taken in his home state of nevada. wendy? >> all right, chris gordon. thanks. ousted illinois governor rob blagojevich apologized today for comments that he made in "esquire" magazine about president barack obama. blagojevich told "esquire" that he, blagojevich, is, quote, blacker than barack obama, end quote. today he just said he was speaking out of frustration about the policies of the obama administration when it comes to handling racial inequalities in america pep. >> what i said was stupid, stupid, stupid. it was a metaphor. i was speaking metaphorically. obviously i'm not blacker than president obama. what i was saying was stupid and again, if anybody is offended i deeply apologize for the way that was said. and for having said it. >> the white house has refused to comment.
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blagojevich was impeached and removed from office last year after being arrested on corruption charges. >> the nixon library released thousands of documents today. many shed more light on the president's predilection for political espionage. he wanted to follow kennedy to find evidence of indiscretion that could be used against hill. and nixon's white house hired journalists to spy on democrats. they were used by the code name the n was chatman's friends. the health and fitness expo issues we'll be talking about is eating healthy to stay fit. here with a preview for us -- hi, doreen. >> you know there's no black and
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white answer when it comes to the best ways to lose weight and get fit. experts often tell us that reading food labels is important to make sure you're eating healthy. but you know if you tried to do that, ou complicated that can be. what's a serving size, which is a good fat, all that stuff. well, now, a group of scientists has developed a simple way to tell whether your meals are really a good fit or full of fat. in the mood far salty snack? what's your best bet? potato chips? cereal or tortilla chips. seems like a no brainer, right? >> this has the higher score than either the cold cereal or the potato chips. it is surprising. >> reporter: that's according to a new food rating system called the overall nutritional quality index or onqi. >> they take all of the good things in good and divide it by all the negative things in the food. >> scientists looked at the bad
5:36 pm
nutrients, things like fats, salts and sugars in food and then they examined the levels of the healthy nutrients. from there, they devised a single number or right for each product. sharon gillett says onqi makes it easier to buy healthy because the scientists have already read the labels for you. >> so as opposed to trying to read the label for you yourself and figure out how much fiber is good fiber, they've done all the science for you. >> foods are given a score of 1 to 100, 100 being the healthiest. so most vegetables will score 100. but processed foodsike potato chips could get a 3. >> the best idea is look in a category. if you're trying to buy a piece of meat, what's the best quality meat. >> look at salmon and ground beef. that's an easy one. of course, the salmon is healthier, but what about
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chicken versus turkey? >> chicken has a lot of fat in it, which everybody think of as the lean meat. but when you balance the good things against the negatives, the negatives outweigh the positives. >> reporter: according to the onqi scale, chicken gets a 9 and turkey gets a 48. now take these pickled beats and compare them to goldfish crackers. >> this has a score of 8, and this has a score of 20. >> the lesson here, just because it's a vegetable doesn't make it healthy. >> because in this case, they're pickled and so that adds the brine, the salt a little more sugar. >> some grocery stores have started labelling the foods using the onqi system. you can look up your favorite foods online on the onqi website. if you don't have time to start looking up all of your favorite foods, come and join us for the health and fitness expo. giant food will be there giving free nutritional assess.
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s along with other free services, things like teaching people how to shop for produce. the expo is this weekend saturday and sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the washington convention senter. admission is free. for more information on the expo this weekend, you can go to and search health and fitness. >> boy, that was really rivetting because we've got so much information coming at us constantly about our food. >> you constituent in the grocery store -- >> exactly. >> you can't even read the side of it. >> is fat bad or good? i can't remember. >> who knew the whole chicken, turkey thing. >> there were some surprises in there for me. >> i'm glad that pickled beets are as bad as i thought they were. they're bad far lot of). >> coming up, barbara walters began her career with nbc. could she be making a comeback
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here? >> and a break from this bitter cold weather in your seven-day forecast. bob is back with some good news for us. >> i'm liz crenshaw. the first cold snap of the decade and it's only the beginning of the january. find out how to prevent froze
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sarah palin is getting back
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into the broadcasting business. the lak lak governor has signed on to be a contributor with the fox news channel. palin will appear on the channel regularly and a times she'll host a recurring series. barbara walters saysbc tried to hire her back last year. on today's episode of "the view" walters said the company made an offer last june for her to run. she decided not to leave because he's happy at abc. coming up, we're going to tell you how to save a little money on big night out. >> a big locker inspection at redskins park. >> looking for ways to stay warm. popular portable heaters can
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a snowy, bitter cold weekend is behind us. liz crenshaw is here to tell us why it's now more important than ever to check out your roof and trees surrounding your home. >> plus, attempting to stay warm can be a safety hazard if you don't know what you need to know about space heretos. >> we had a number of space heater problems. arlington and also out in montgomery county claims include thousand offense dollars for water damage and freezing temperatures. now is the time to say leave the warmth of your home.
5:46 pm
independence insurance agents say ice dams actually cause leaks that cause mold and other problems in your house. you also can install gutter guards in the spring to prevent the debris from clogging your gutters and interfering with drainage in the future. the snow and the ice, and you're supposed to replace any split or loose shingles. wettered trees can also pose a danger around your home. high winds will cause them to simply snap. trip trimming the trees can help prevent damage and injuries now it's early january. winter, unfortunately, lives on. so we need to expect more frigid temperatures. while keeping warm, don't forget about the pipes in your home. independent insuranagents tell
5:47 pm
pipes that burst affect hundreds of thousands of americans each winter. keep your cabinet air doors open. you want to look for pipes that may have cracks or leaks. they actually freeze first. keep the temperature inside your home at least 65 degrees. if you are away from home for several day, remember to allow the watter to drip from one or two of the faucets to keep the water moving. or turn off the water and drain your pipes if you're going to be away for an extended period of time, plumbers say turn the water off. the it's always a good idea to have someone check on your home. now, on to those space heaters. they can be useful f some people this time of year, but be careful, they pose an extremely dangerous situation if you're not careful. the only kind of space heaters, by the way, that are legal in the district are electric heaters. now the cpsc recommends using a portable heater that has been
5:48 pm
tested and certified to meet safety standards. keep space heaters three feet away from anything else, three feet of space around the heretos and be especially careful around bedding, curtains, carp pets. always turn the heater off before you go to sleep or leave the room for an extended period of time. if you use an unvented fuel-burning heater, which fire officials discourage, by the way, you do put yourself at risk of inhaling carbon monoxide. unfortunately, people use them to get that little bit of added warmth and it is a danger. be careful. >> thank you, business. >> they have their fingers crossed at the national zoo because it is panda mating season there.
5:49 pm
ma zhong was artificially inseminated and one a panda begins to ovulate, they usually only have one day for conception. >> another redskins play verse cleaned out their lockers at redskins park. what did they clean out. each week during the center, casey rabach took us along as he rummaged through a player's locker. here's his best efforts in what we call "may we see your locker, please. >> this is antwaan randle el zone, if you will.
5:50 pm
in training camp, you have to protect your skin. you have to put your bull frog in. you can't have the deet in it. it hurts your children, hurts your skin. you have to have deodorant. the ipod dock. nothing plays on this but the gospel. so that's what you get when you check out antwaan randle el zone. back to rabach. >> he scores touchdowns for us. let's see what hunter smith has in his locker. >> the helmet and the shoulder
5:51 pm
pads which really don't matter for me. this is the most important part of the locker right here. this is my family, my wife, my son josiah and samuel. there they are. this is the second most important thing. and in my locker and shawn suisham's locker, during training camp i had a pair of red shoes and so i became dorothy, but we soon decided that casey should be the lion. ethan would be the tinman, for just various reasons. and fred smoot would be the scarecrow because he's funny. and last but certainly nearly least, shawn suisham is toto. we try and keep it neat and professional. thanks for coming to my locker. our kicker, shawn suisham, the canadian influence of the team here.
5:52 pm
>> one heck of a guy a great guy to hang out with. let'see if he can check out his locker. >> hey, man. may we see your locker, please? >> yeah come on in. come on in. >> i'm proud of this real estate here. >> it's common ground, but he usually gives it up to me. >> my wife erin, my dog zoey. i've got a canadian flag, i've always got casey's sticker. now i'm read iing the long snapper. also got the intellectual devotional. you can see where i'm at. i got this right here. on page 12. >> well rounded. getting into that devotional book a little bit more, i think. but what a great guy to have. we'll see you next time.
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>> casey rabach, a terrific locker room correspondent. shawn suisham has a locker but it's not at redskins park. he was cut by the redskins after a tough loss to new orleans. he signed on with the dallas cowboys. the cowboys beat up on the eagles saturday night. they will play a minnesota on sunday as the nfl playoffs march on. casey's investigative reporting originally aired on our own redskins show time show. and talk about the editing in those pieces. so much fun. chris kerr wwin rocks. >> shawn suisham got a step up. >> yeah, that's the life of an nfl kicker. and he lives on in the nfl season. coming up, amtrak's ocela is adding a new service for riders. a new perk that won't cost you a dime. >> and it's time again for d.c.'s restaurant week. everything you need to know to get a good deal while you're dining out.
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66 westbound jammed from 123. but on the whole, volume is lighter than normal this afternoon and evening. the headlights continuing in towards maryland with no major problem, and then out of spngfield, normally we're seeing it jammed with those red lights but southbound, not doing doo bad here. it is going to be slow from woodbridge down towar
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am traes's high-speed ocela will soon get wireless internet come march. riders will get wifi for three
5:57 pm
to begin with. this year, amtrak also plans to add leather seats, improve trey tables and power outlets too. it goes from d.c. to boston in 6 1/2 hour, about 90 minutes faster than regular trains. >> if you're dining out this week, you're in luck. it is the start of restaurant week here in the strict. 180 local eateries participating this year. get a three-course lunch for $20.10 per three-course dinner for $35.10. find a list of participating restaurants at >> and they're all also fr fres outdoor cafes. >> they have hot soup. this is some great pictures. our little snow that we had late last week, patrick thook picture saturday morning at great falls. it sort of captures the first couple of weeks that we're head into now in january. look at the temperatures, right now it's still in the low 30s,
5:58 pm
there are a still spots, snow flurry, a ripple in the atmosphere. don't be shocked to see that. but overnight tonight, we'll continue to see cold air coming again on northwesterly winds. there's that little area moving pretty much to our north. but there are still some snow flurries, snow showers out in the mountains of west virginia. so overnight tonight, even early tomorrow morning we may be seeing some of those by the afternoon. temperatures will be into the 30s. but look at the trend as we get more into westerly winds. i think by thursday and friday, temperatures will be in the mid to high 40ed, and have to keep an eye on some storminess to our south. if it does anything, lit probably stay to our south late saturday and sunday, but a chance also of some rain drops and wet snowflakes. a long way away, though. in the meantime, not as cold as we get through tomorrow. >> we thank you for watching. coming up, racial remarks about the president's speech and skin
5:59 pm
color. three teenagers from virginia missing down for five dpieps. >> mark mcgwire admitting that he used steroids when breaking the home run record. today, senator harry reid talked about talked about the remarks he made about president barack obama's race and dialect. good evening, i'm jim vance. in a book title "game change" senator reid said he believed mr. obama could win the presidency because he was in part light skin with no negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one. brian mooar has more on this story now on capitol hill. >> doreen, harry reid said he was one of


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